Space Clock is a countdown timer primarily designed for use with the board game Space Hulk, however it can be used for any game that has timed turns.


  • Audio cues let you know how much time is left for your turn. There's a soft beep on every elapsed minute, a louder beep on 30 seconds remaining and a final 10 second count-down before the alarm sounds.
  • Increase or decrease the count from 5 minutes to 30 seconds. This allows you to play with the Space Hulk first edition rules, where the marine player loses 30 seconds of time for each sergeant lost.
  • Pause and resume the count-down at any time. Perfect for when you need to consult the rule-book.
  • Additional points counter for keeping track of mission objectives, such as marines saved.
  • Clear interface with big buttons and a striking visual style.
Space Clock is the perfect companion for your board-gaming sessions!

Space Clock is no longer available on the App Store - however you can download a free Windows version here.

Contact for any support questions.