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Title: Team needs pixel artist for a freeware Shmup project! WARNING:UNPAID WORK AHEAD!
Post by: AlbinEng on June 07, 2007, 02:29:52 PM
Hello fellow shmup devs! I'm an programmer who's working on a Shmup and it's getting closer to beta stage every day, unfortunately our team has no pixel artist :(, and that's why i'm writhing this.. because if you're a good pixel artist who can draw awesome pixel things then we want you! A lot of work is planned, but if i can impress you with the engine you might change your mind, send me an mail at if you're at least a bit interested and I'll send you the engine i have SO FAR and you will send me some examples of your work of course.. i won't let someone who's worse than me do the graphics :P.

Current Team:
Me - Programming / Design / Graphics / Level Design / Control Freak
Dude - Music / Level Design
You - In Game Graphics / And anything else if you want :)

Story hasn't been fully decided but there is one, you will of course take part of this if you want.

Some Engine Specs:
Made with C++ and Allegro for rendering, timing and control device input.
Runs in a 640x480 fixed resolution fullscreen/windowed.
Software rendered 2d graphics with pseudo 3d.
Support for .wav and .mp3.
Keyboard / joystick and anything else that we come across.
Extra speed factors that affect both game play and sound effects.
bla bla bla.. if you really wanna know I'll send you more detailed specs over mail.

as far as the game goes it's to much stuff to post here
but most of the important stuff is there like the player(lol), enemies, projectiles, menus etc.
I'm working on it, and i don't leave stuff when it's done, i leave stuff when it good  8).

Anyway, i hope i get your reply soon ^^.