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Read December 28, 2005, 12:18:03 PM #0
Matt McFarland

Hardcore market?

So what about the hardcore gamers?  There seems to be a few that visit here, so I would like to ask you all what you think makes a great shooter for you?  I'm asking those that like the challenging games, and games that aren't so newbie friendly..  What makes a game great for you?  What would you want in a shooter? Are you making anything like this?
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Read January 02, 2006, 08:14:03 AM #1

Re: Hardcore market?

I personally feel that hard core gamers love a good shmup just as much if not more than the newbies who aren't a huge fan of complex games.  Lots of "twitchy" people who play FPS, and strategists who like to play RTS, all get a buzz out of a good shmup.  I think the reason is that it's easy to relax and enjoy the game while playing a shmup, whereas other styles of game can be overly intense.

Something that you can get into quick is key.  Seeing and feeling the action is good, but not to the point where you feel like you're back in an FPS and scared to move.

I'm a fan of Geometry Wars 2 (comes via Xbox live on 360). It's a great shmup style game (though is it technically a shmup? I dunno... i think it is Smiley ) and I always enjoy playing it.


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Read January 02, 2006, 03:14:40 PM #2

Re: Hardcore market?

For me its a classic style, planned controlled waves that are predictable and you can get used to where they enter and exit the screen and also the addition of the random , things that never seem to appear at the same place each time you play the game.

I played an awsome shooter in londen and for the life of me I dont recall its name, what made it so good was the addition of over 100,000 unique events, for example every time you play the game , for each level of player there is one unique thing that happens, each level in the game has this unique thing, the problem is when the game has 100,000 to chose from, you could probablbly play the game for years before you see the same one twice, and even then the chance that you will remember its flight path and its actions is slim.

Its a feature I plan to add to my game with a twist, I aim to code a routine that will create a flight path, bullt type, and speed etc, on the fly, the flight path will have to follow some basic laws, like staying in screen view for x number of seconds. but everything else it does will be complete random.

you will never know where its going to go, or what its going to shoot at you or how much its going to shoot at you or whats gona happen when it dies. this type of gaemplay, scattered at limited positions through a game can really spice things up and put a player on edge. and I feal its that sitting on the edge of your seat, one life left, no bombs and a boss approaching, is what keeps people playing a game.

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