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Read October 04, 2007, 06:24:27 PM #0


Sad news.  I'm afraid we've had to disqualifiy this game.  Unfortunately it just kept locking up everyones computers making it very hard to judge and we didn't feel we could offer it for download in the compo archives in this state.  The original thread has been moced to the unfinished board for prosperity.


If you're interested this is the review I wrote for your game before the decision to disqualify was made:

An interesting a challenging score romp based aroud fractal generation.  Unfortunately I was barely able to play this.  I tried several times but each time it locked up my computer after only a few minutes play.  A real shame since what I did manage to play I was enjoying.  The gameplay was challenging and unrelenting.  Lots of bullet dodging fun to be had.  The graphics were were simple and functional but also nicely vibrant, I did like the no-nonsense look to this game.  The ship motion was nice, smooth and well balanced, and the options choices were interesting.  Sadly there's not much more I can say through lack of time in the game.  I'd really love to be able to review this properly and give it a better score but sadly the game is broken.  I really urge you to stick with this and fix the bugs despite the compo being over, this could be really good.

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