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|-+ Hima's Entry : Popoyoi ~ The Devil Apprentice ~ (DONE)

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Read September 13, 2008, 06:01:56 AM #0

Hima's Entry : Popoyoi ~ The Devil Apprentice ~ (DONE)

Popoyoi ~The Devil Apprentice~

== Disclaimer ==
Though I try my best to make sure that nothing is wrong with the game, I do not take responsiblity for any damage/harm that may causes to your computer from installing/using this product.  Play it at yourown risk.

   Popoyoi ~The Devil Apprentice~
   Copyrights 2008, GPTouch

Arrows      -   Movement
Z      -   Shoot
Hold X      -   Focus Movement/Activate Soul Collector/ Lifting
Release X      -   Return to normal movement/ Activate Soul Burst
Hold C      -   Rotate Soul Collector

::: HUD :::
-  The top left most picture tells you how many lives you have left.
-  The purple bar is your "Power Bar". This can be increased by collecting red gem which will power up your shot.
-  The red bar is your "Soul Bar". This will be automatically increased once you enter focus movement. However, the rate of increasement depends on the following :
   -  If you're shooting , then it'll increase slowly
   - If you're not shooting , then it'll increase much faster.

::: Soul Collector :::
-  Used to catch any souls left from killed enemies. Any souls captured will increase your multiplier by one.
-  As the multiplier goes up, so does the size of the Soul Collector.
-  Enemy bullets speed will be halved if they are intersected with Soul Collector. However, during this state, Soul Collector Endurance will keep on decreasing. The more bullets intersected, the faster it'll be decreased
-  Once Endurance hit zero, one of the soul captured will be destroyed, decreasing your multiplier.
-  Capture a new soul will reset the Soul Bar

::: Soul Burst/Lifting :::
- Release X while the Soul Bar is NOT FULL will result in Lifting, which is to send all the souls to the right of the screen. Doing this will reset the endurance and the multiplier. You can use this to prevent losing multipliers from losing endurance.
- Release X while the Soul Bar is FULL will result in Soul Burst.  Soul Burst is a circle barrier that will transform any bullets intersected into a 1000 x current multiplier score item.  The higher the multiplier, the longer Soul Burst will stay on the screen.
- You can tell whether the Soul Bar is full or not by looking at the Soul Collector itself.  Its color will become purple if the Soul Bar reaches its maximum, otherwise its coulor will be gray.
- Any souls left by defeated enemies will be sucked into Soul Burst automatically , and so do all of its bullets.

::: Just Timing :::
-  Release X while the Soul Bar is FULL and when the Soul Collector Endurance is almost reach zero will resulting in "Just Timing". Soul Burst created from Just Timing will be rewarded by a big boost in its multiplier. Soul Collector will turn red when it's the right moment for "Just Timing"

::: Other Tips :::
-  Defeat the boss pattern while Soul Burst is not activated will turn all of its bullet into red diamond.
-  Defeat the boss pattern while Soul Burst is activated will send all of its bullet straight into Soul Burst.
-  Boss have two types of attacks, which are normal attack and soul attack. During soul attack, the boss will summon its subordinates which can be defeated and their souls can be captured. Use this information to decide when you should collect souls to activate Soul Burst.

-- Copyrights 2008, GPTouch --


So I have an idea for this. But we'll see if I can finish it in time. Even if I can't, I'll still working on it anyway haha.

So, basically you take a role of a devil summoner who can control summon/control devils. Ironically, they're also your enemies. Thus the only way you can tame them is to knock them down by striking their weakness. And with this, elemental system comes into play.

There are 5 elements in this game, which are
Physical : Any physical attack, ranging from throwing knife to fired bullets.
Heat     : Any attack associated with heat. Mostly these are fire spells
Cold     : Any attack associated with coldness. Mostly these are ice spells
Shock    : Something like wind shock or shock wave. Wind spells fall in this category
Elec     : Thunder spells!

Killed an enemy with the elment that they are weak against will leave their souls behind for a few seconds. You then have to move up and grab that soul before it vanishes to gain control of the defeated demon.

The demon will grant you three powers

Main skill   -   Main shot that can be fire with no mp cost
Sub skill    -   Secondary skill that requires some mp to use. Usually these are special effect skill.
Passive skill-   Skills that are automatically in effect. Usually these are support skills. Like,decreasing your             
                 hitbox or increase your enemy hitbox.

You can have only three demons in control at a time. And you can only use one at a time. However, you are allow to switch between three demons you're controlling anytime during the stage.  

As you can see this may really need some time to design the enemy database...hopefully I can get this done in time so that I can get some feedback!
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Read September 13, 2008, 03:22:52 PM #1

Re: Hima's Entry

Wow, that's a lot. Good luck! Grin

My game design blog -- A bit outdated, but you might like to take a read anyway~
Or read my new blog!~ (which I do update)
My blog.
Read September 13, 2008, 04:42:00 PM #2

Re: Hima's Entry

Go big or go home, right?   Cool
Read September 16, 2008, 05:49:12 AM #3

Re: Hima's Entry

I probably can't finish this in time now. I thought I would have all this week for myself but my grandma is having a knee surgery. Somebody needs to take care of her and someone needs to take care of the her store. Since I'm taking the latter task so I'm gonna work on my other ideas that can bedone in less time instead (Yeah I have too many but this one is my favourite because I'm a sucker for shin megami tensei games Sad)  It's too bad because I really wish I could get feedback on this one. Well, I'll finish it later when there's no time restriction and post it in Game Design for feedbacks later then Cheesy
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Read September 17, 2008, 02:22:11 PM #4

Re: Hima's Entry

I decided to do the horizontal shmup for this one. Still have to implement the enemy manipulation feature. Wouldn't be too difficult though Cheesy
Read September 17, 2008, 03:54:05 PM #5

Re: Hima's Entry

Nice style you got going there Smiley


the2bears - the indie shmup blog
Read September 17, 2008, 05:23:11 PM #6

Re: Hima's Entry

That's really cute.  I like the font, too.
Read September 20, 2008, 08:19:38 AM #7

Re: Hima's Entry

Pretty much everything is finished except the second half of the test level. (Actually, it should have been finished much earlier if I wasn't spending time trying out game libraries since I want to move on from GM to something else. Well, figure that for fast prototyping GM would probably works best (for now) anyway lol)  Next game I'll probably write it in C++ or Ruby now that I found two great libraries, DXlib and Gosu Smiley

Also this is my first time coding a replay system and it works! Yayyyh! So now you can play and show off your skill by uploading the replay file hehehe.

I don't have time to explain the gameplay mechanic right now but I'll post it later along with the gameplay video Wink
Read September 20, 2008, 03:46:57 PM #8

Re: Hima's Entry

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/v/NtBvK_AFA7U&amp;hl=en" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/v/NtBvK_AFA7U&amp;hl=en</a>

Finally, the gameplay video!

Hopefully the game doesn't look too confusing. Here's how the system work.
- Press Z to shoot.  Hold shift to activate soul collector. Hold X while holding shift to rotate the soul collector.

- A killed enemy will leave its soul, which can be collected by using the soul collector.

- Once one or more souls are captured, you can activated 'Soul Barrier' by releasing shift when the
second bar at the top is max (You'll notice this when the soul collector circle turns purple)

- When one or more souls are captured, you soul collector circle will slowdown any bullets that are inside the circle. However, this will constantly decreasing the soul collector endurance (red guage to the left of your character) When the endurance guage reaches zero, one of the captured soul will be destroyed.

- Soul Barrier will transform any intersect bullets into bonus score items with each one has a value 1,000 x current multiplier.

- Releasing shift before the guage is max will resulting in 'lifting' which is exactly what it does. Think of lifting a ball in soccer game. You'll release all the captured souls and push them toward the right side of the screen. This can be used to capture the souls again to reset the endurance,

- Releasing shift when the guage is max AND just before you ran out of endurance is called 'just timing'. With just timing, the created soul barrier's current multiplier will be double, triple, quadruple or even more, depending on how close your endurance is almost run out.

Maybe I should add a video that demonstrate the just timing soul barrier. Smiley

P.S. No, I'm not gonna use this music in the actual game lol. Doesn't really fit to the game at all, IMO.
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Read September 20, 2008, 07:32:38 PM #9

Re: Hima's Entry

Definitely looking forward to trying this.  Smiley
Read September 21, 2008, 08:02:24 AM #10

Re: Hima's Entry

Nice one! I'm looking forward to playing this too...  Grin
Read September 23, 2008, 10:22:23 AM #11

Re: Hima's Entry

Finally it's done! Though I admit I'm a bit rush at the end because my new trimester's already started Cry

Any comments are appreciated ^ ^ (And don't forget to upload your replay file!)
Read September 23, 2008, 03:46:12 PM #12

Re: Hima's Entry : Popoyoi ~ The Devil Apprentice ~ (DONE)

Hahaha, that's fun.  Grin

The new music really works, too.

The attached replay is from my first playthrough, by the way.  You can tell at the beginning that I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing...
Read September 23, 2008, 03:50:48 PM #13

Re: Hima's Entry : Popoyoi ~ The Devil Apprentice ~ (DONE)

Glad you like the game Cheesy The music was from Kirby that I took from VGM website. Can't find original music/free music in time, but if I were to make this into a full game I'd change the music for sure Smiley

As for the replay, are you sure this is the correct one? It seems too short ^ ^;;
Read September 23, 2008, 03:53:44 PM #14

Re: Hima's Entry : Popoyoi ~ The Devil Apprentice ~ (DONE)

I probably didn't record it right.  I'll play again later today and replace it.

By the way, Rocket Bomb and Assault Wing can do input recording too if you want to try it.  Use "/record <filename>" on the command line (or in a shortcut) to record to the specified file, and "/playback <filename>" to play it back.  The resulting xml file will get fairly large if you play for a long time.  Smiley

I don't use it much during development because the recordings become "stale" very quickly as I make changes, but it's much more useful for stable builds like these.  I should point that feature out so I can see how people play.
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Read September 24, 2008, 03:00:47 AM #15

Re: Hima's Entry : Popoyoi ~ The Devil Apprentice ~ (DONE)

The concept and game are really very nice! It is sort of like Katamary Damacy crossed with Eco Fighters. The simple art is great fun too!

Aviator sunglasses are pretty much the shmups of the sunglasses world.
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