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Read September 15, 2008, 11:20:54 AM #0

Viza's entry (Transgrab - done - version 2)

Hi All!

New session, new entry from me... I promise I try to make a shooter this time Smiley

So the title is "Transgrab" - partly because it based on a my never-finished-and-abandoned-years-ago pocket pc remake of "Transplant" (one of my favourites from Amiga... http://tinyurl.com/5k47q3), and partly because of the element which makes it eligible to this session is the enemy grabbing.

You can shoot around normally like in any other Asteroids clone, but your weapon is kinda weak... Fortunately your ship is equipped with the latest and greatest technology in the space miner/fighter industry Smiley - the Temporal Statis Field. When you press and hold Control, all enemy within a certain radius will "freeze", and attach to your ship with a force beam. When the button is released all grabbed enemy will hurled away from your ship at great speed. You can use this as a defensive device (stop incoming asteroids) and as a weapon too - the high velocity projectiles cause great damage on anything they hit.

The basic gameplay is done, and its promising - at least I managed to keep it as a shooter Smiley
The only "enemy" type is asteroid for now, I hope I can do some more this week.

And a screenshot: (the sprites are ripped from Transplant)

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Read September 15, 2008, 04:53:19 PM #1

Re: Viza's entry (Transgrab)

I like the pixelicious look you have going on there.
Read September 22, 2008, 12:42:39 PM #2

Re: Viza's entry (Transgrab)

Well, I uploaded a version of Transplant - lets call it "party version". There are some bugs/rough edges in it (see below) I hope I can release a more polished version soon (maybe after next weekend)

The most gameplay-affecting bug is that sometimes the grab seemingly not to function. Actually it *is* functioning, but due to the warping nature of the playfield, it "thinks" that an object near you is actually far-far away... Sad This warping causes some other strange behaviour of the basic enemies too. I will fix it when I find some time to do it, for now I just draw faint grey lines at the "borders" to alarm you where to except strange things. Stupid solution, I know, but hey, time is pressing. Smiley
The other ones are mostly just small graphical things: sometimes blue lines flashing across the screen (the "motion blur" of some stars goes nuts), there are no explosion effects (I miss this one awfully... I think the nice explosions would be a great addition to the mood of the game), and generally lot of things are just kinda rough (instant level switching, dying, menus, etc.)
The game only features a couple of levels, but you can easily create more if you want - Just edit the Data\levels.ini file, it is easy to figure out the meaning of things in it. The game levels are random generated within the limits set in this file, and there is absolutely no care taken to prevent stupid set-ups... So sometimes instant deaths after level start imaginable. Sad

The sprites of this game are from Transplant - I planned to replace them with my own graphic but I run out of time... Sad I hope I did not infringe anyone's copyrights with this.

Arrow keys - Steer your ship
Shift - Fire
Control - Holding Control will activate the Temporal Stasis Field. All the objects (enemies, asteroids) near your ship will be "grabbed", and attached to your ship with an energy beam. The energy beam will charge the objects. Releasing Control will fire the grabbed objects.

That's all. Have fun! Smiley

Read September 23, 2008, 01:33:15 AM #3

Re: Viza's entry (Transgrab - done)

I found it a bit hard to tell if I was doing damage to the little turret things until one popped out of existance.  Still, I had fun flinging rocks at things.  Smiley
Read September 23, 2008, 10:45:37 AM #4

Re: Viza's entry (Transgrab - done)

I know it's after the deadline, and as I see form the download counter on my previous post I'm a little late with this, but I fixed the most annoying bugs in my game, and uploaded a new version.

So, if you did not downloaded yet, or simply just happen to be here and reading this Smiley, please download the zip attached to this post instead/again. I'ts way better. Believe me. Smiley

There is a little impact sound for the bullets, and there are some sparks too, but unfortunately neither of them is played consistently. I guess the sound player is running out of channels sometimes, and the Z order of the sparks is not always correct (which is kind of surprising, considering that I did'nt even use a z-buffer, and render the sparks after the turrets...)
Read September 23, 2008, 11:20:22 AM #5

Re: Viza's entry (Transgrab - done - version 2)

I'm really sorry but I can't play this game for too long. The camera rotating really makes me dizzy ^ ^;; (I don't usually play FPS either so it isn't just your game!)  Although I have tried it and I had fun throwing rocks into the other hehe. I wish we could rotate the captured objects without having to rotate the ship though.

It seems like you removed the enemy turret from the 2nd prototype, no?
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Read September 23, 2008, 11:46:51 AM #6

Re: Viza's entry (Transgrab - done - version 2)

Camera rotation: Yeah, it's has a kind of hipnotyzing effect... Maybe that's why I liked the original Trasplant Smiley

No I did not removed them... It just turned out that the first prototype started on the second level due to a bug... Smiley
On the first level there are only asteroids... On the second there are some additional turrets... On the third, the basic enemies are coming... And on the later ones the different combination of these. Smiley

Maybe it take too much time to clear each level... If someone wants to save some time, just edit the levels.ini, in the Data folder, and add a turret = 5 and basicenemies = 5 lines to the first level ( the [ 0 ] section in the ini file).
But beware, the basic enemies are kind of deadly Smiley

Ohh, and all the enemies can be captured, and hurled around, not just the asteroids!
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Read September 24, 2008, 03:03:33 AM #7

Re: Viza's entry (Transgrab - done - version 2)

This is really cool! I actually like the rotating camera for some reason. Nice job!

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