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|-+ -N: Sky Grappler = NULL

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Read November 24, 2009, 10:33:52 PM #0

-N: Sky Grappler = NULL

So I suppose the extra time I've had to think about this theme means I need to come up with something fantastic?

I've got an actual codebase this time so I'm hoping for more than one (not-so) final release.  I'm looking to have two different fighters with different but somewhat related methods of attack.  Here's to a good session, everyone.

Anyway, title screen WIP.  Hopefully my arts can support the cheerful lo-fi feel I'm going to try with this one... now I just need some Akira Toriyama-style pilots wearing goggles on their foreheads standing in front of their ships in the corner there.
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Read November 25, 2009, 08:17:28 AM #1

Re: -N-try: Sky Grappler

Ooh, I like it already!
Read December 02, 2009, 02:33:18 AM #2

Re: -N-try: Sky Grappler

Well, I've been spending more time on my code base (read: still doing polish work on Space Gun Explosion) and haven't gotten anything other than design done on Sky Grappler.  Seeing as I'm also moving this Saturday, I don't know that I'll actually have something in time for the constest.  It will probably be a last-minute rush job.   Sad

More details, though.  The main ship in Sky Grappler will have a mouse-aimed claw that can be shot out to grab medium-sized enemy ships and some projectiles.  When grabbed, they can be swung around to be used as a flail, or thrown to destroy other ships.  The collisions are elastic, and combo scoring is done by knocking enemies around like tenpins.  Bosses have a steady supply of mooks that can be used as an ammunition source.

Secondary ship is a slow-firing cannon that can be aimed within a 90 degree forward arc and uses the same bowling-style mechanic for combos.  Secondary fire drops timed bombs that explode and scatter mook formations.

Ideally, the game would have an aesthetic like TwinBee or Twinkle Star Sprites.  In practice, I'm just not that good at pixel art.
Read December 15, 2009, 07:53:59 AM #3

Re: -N: Sky Grappler = NULL

Didn't spend the time I had to work on the game, and when it got near the end I had no more time at all.  Moving house, and the associated aftereffects, drained all my time and spirit.

If anyone was looking forward to this game - sorry.  Hope to do it someday, but it won't be this year.
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