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|-+ Gooch Lighting and the Alias Syndrome

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Read January 08, 2006, 11:11:01 PM #0

Gooch Lighting and the Alias Syndrome

There's something I've noticed in many homebrew and small-process games. 

I call it Alias Syndrome (tee hee.)  It's when there is alpha blending going on, but there's something too aggressive about it and it makes the models mushy, hard to discern the outline of.

An example is the Linux game Chromium.

Another (I'm sorry) is Xeno Assault-- otherwise a FINE FINE game and a great looking game, but there is sometimes something muddy about the models, and there's kind of a feeling of vagueness about the powerups.

I think on the powerups at least, it may have to do with over-aggressive alpha blending.  Notice how in Japanese SHMUPs, their models are violently bright.  Their colors are vibrant and they stand out with great contrast against the backgrounds.  I suspect that, given the choice, the designers would choose these features over extra smoothness.

In my games, I'm looking for graphical simplicity similar to anime.  Unrealistic lighting methods may actually help get across the shapes of complex models; note how in many engineering programs, photorealistic lighting is actually not preferred.

One type of rendering that they use is called Gooch lighting.  This is a type of shading that instead of dark to light goes from cool color to warm color.  Here's a pretty good example:

Another one is here

I'm looking for an effect similar to the rendering of the springs in the last page: realistic and stylized at the same time with black outlines to simplify complex geometry.

We'll see how it goes.
Read January 08, 2006, 11:26:48 PM #1

Re: Gooch Lighting and the Alias Syndrome

Gooch lighting and Alias Syndrome?

I've never heard of that before.
Must be very new.

I'll be using cell shading and some thin wire ouline, to make my 3d ship more different then the background.


Be Attitude for Gains
Read January 09, 2006, 06:31:14 AM #2

Re: Gooch Lighting and the Alias Syndrome

I don't know if it's down to aggressive blending or not. Take a look at the attached image. It's from my retro styled galaxian type game. The graphics are presented at the size they will appear on screen, so you may need to view the image in something which will let you zoom in a bit to see the full effect.

Basically, one is quite sharp and pixelated, and the other is a bit blurry and muddied. The difference here is down to how my video card filters the textures. If I turn off filtering, I get the pixelated version. Turn it on, and it becomes a bit blurry.

Although I haven't tried messing about with the control panel to set AA and AF, I suspect that if I did, it would probably override what my game wanted to do and end up blurring the textures a bit, even if I asked for filtering to be turned off.

[attachment lost, please re-upload]
Read January 09, 2006, 07:12:37 PM #3

Re: Gooch Lighting and the Alias Syndrome

If you are talking about texture filtering you can control this, often if you use automatic mipmapping or mipmapping you need to bias the mips so they don't kick in, or use no mipmapping.

If you want to control this and do nice lighting i suggest using a shading language.
you don't have to use Gooch, there are plenty of other options - good lighting setups-
rim lighting etc.

rescaling also produces an overall filtering effect (like running 800x600 on a 1280x1024 lcd)
but i don't think your talking about this?

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