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Welcome to the new rapid prototype sessions section of the forum.  This is an attempt to organise a series of communal rapid prototyping sessions open all members.  The sessions will be run one at a time with a new board being created in this section of the forum for each seperate session.  The objective of each session will be to create a game which explores the shmup genre within the confines of the rules set up for that particular session and within the limited time span set aside for each session.  By placing such restrictions on the development process it is my hope that we will be able to push the boundaries of the genre and improve our development skills in an environment where learning and experimentation takes the priority without fear of failure.

Session Structure

The start of each session will be announced early in the week, hopefully on a monday, and will end in two weeks time.  If you miss the start date though, please feel free to join in anyway, there will be no restriction on the date you enter the session before the end date.  Members who wish to participate can create their own thread in the appropriate session board.  This can then be used to post progress reports and request help if needed.  It's not manditory that you post updates although I think it would create a friendlier atmosphere, and if you wish to post progress reports dont feel forced to give away your ideas if you dont wish to.  In fact in a way it might be better for poeple to be at least a little secretive so you dont influence the other entrants. 

The game you create should adhere to what ever rules or concept is stated for that session in the session start announcement.  Note however that I use the term 'game' loosely.  The aim here is not to create polished titles put rather to explore new ideas.  As such fancy graphics and sound, menu screens, multitudes of levels, etc, are not manditory.  Instead to qualify the 'game' should consist of at least one level which demostrates your ideas, that is all that is needed, but of course feel free to add as much as you can fit in the time.

At the end of the session you should then post your finished entry in your thread along with a description.  You might want to even give a little account of your development process at this point if you haven't been doing so already as well as your own opinions about how you think your ideas worked out.

Post Session

At the end of each sessions please try to take the time to play each of the entries and add to the discussions in each relevant thread on what you think worked, what didn't, and how you think those ideas might be developed further.  I really feel that these post session discussions will be integral to us all getting the most out of these sessions and hence is one of the most important aspects of the whole process.  Even if you didn't finish anything in time or just didn't enter that particular session, please feel free to take part in the discussions if it interests you.  To make this easier there will be a break period of a week or so between each session.


This is going to be a very informal process with no prizes or anything like that.  The prize that you get is simply the knowledge, experience, and confidence you gain from taking part.  However it would be nice to have some form of judging since it pushes people to try and do the best they can.  Therefore after each session, a poll will be created where everyone can vote for their favourite entry.  The poll will be open for the period of the discussion time between sessions after which is will be closed and the winner declared. 

The winner will then have the honour of choosing the rule set or concept for the next session which you should post in the new board created for the next session in the session start thread which I will create there.  As soon as the new theme is chosen the next session will start.  In the case of a tie the chooser of the next theme will be chosen at random from amongst the winners.  If the winner fails to pick a theme within an alloted time period (lets say 3 days for now) then the duty will pass onto the person with the next highest number of votes.  Finaly if the person chosen to pick the theme wishes to, they may pass the respnosibility onto any other person amongst the entrants for the previous competition and so on.

I think that sums it all up.  If you have any questions or suggestions please post them here.

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