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Read December 26, 2011, 08:45:10 PM #0

BulletML Help

I want to learn how to use BulletML to make a shooting game, but I can't find a program that parses BulletML files and allows me to make new XML files. For those who don't know BulletML, you can download it and find more info from this link:

I downloaded and ran the Java demo applet on my computer, but I don't understand how the code parses BulletML files, and when I try to change files under the "sample" folder under the zip file at the link, nothing changes in the applet. I'm wondering where I should go from here to obtain or make code that parses BulletML files, and am wondering if I can use the code from the applet, or if someone else has already made code to parse BulletML files.
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