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Indiegame business goes live


Indiegamebusiness.com: Business Solutions for Game Developers

Poole, Dorset UK March 24, 2006 Independent UK-based software developer INDIEPATH, in association with Finnish development studio POLYCOUNT PRODUCTIONS, announced today the launch of their new services brand, Indiegamebusiness (IGB). IGB services have been developed to provide lines of communication between the video game press, publishers and developers. Offerings such as the Press Release tools, Newsletter tools and the Secure Hosted High Score Server have been eagerly anticipated and are already generating a great deal of interest within the respective communities.

The first modules to be launched under the Indiegamebusiness brand include:

* IPress: A self-service press release solution; customers provide the content and IGB assure the delivery. All of the press contacts held within the IGB database have subscribed to the service through an opt-in process. The iPress service is considered as the hub connecting the gaming press, business and developers. Members of the press, business and other organisations have opted in to the service to ensure they get the news that really matters, YOUR news! IGB publish all the latest press releases on the IGB RSS feed to ensure news information is distributed as far and as wide as possible.

* iNewsletter: A self-service solution for the creation, management and deployment of subscriber lists, newsletters and e-zines. The web-based software is feature rich and very simple to use. The iNewsletter management features, reporting and assured email delivery make iNewsletter the perfect choice. Keeping in contact with visitors and customers has never been simpler!

* iNET: A secure, subscription based, hosted high score service. Designed for ease of use, IGB supplies the client libraries; hosts the data and provides it's customers with the web-based tools to make score management a breeze. In fact the system is so flexible it can be used to manage all kinds of data such as the status and locations of on-line games, multiplayer lobbies and server-side versioning control!

IGB press releases are free to receive; subscription is simple and information is kept confidential. Subscribers may unsubscribe at anytime by simply clicking link in any email they receive from IGB. Subscribers may also block press releases from individual organisations if they so desire. IGB operates a zero tolerance spam policy; any customer that sends unsolicited email will have their account terminated immediately.

Members of the game press can find out more about this free service by visiting http://www.indiegamebusiness.com/press.php

Video game developers and development studios can read more about the subscription services by visiting http://www.indiegamebusiness.com/gamedev.php

About Indiepath Ltd
Indiepath Ltd is an independent software developer and publisher based in Poole, Dorset UK. The company was founded in November of 2004 with the primary goal of developing unique and original software and services.

About Polycount Productions
Polycount Productions is an independent game development house located in Finland. The company was founded in December 2005 and develops innovative online multiplayer games.


For additional material, email: (in link)

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