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Read September 01, 2006, 03:33:35 PM #0
Hidden Fortress

We would love to help, we are musicians.

Hi we are new on here, we are musicians and sound engineers looking to write some deicated music for shmups we can write and record orchestral scores as well, we would prefer to work on pc (becuase of the sound quality) based titles but are more than capable of writing for nes, snes, & gameboy as well.

We also make sound effects, and anything to do with sound.

Lots of Love    Smiley

Matthew & Junko

Hidden Fortress

Come check us out @
Read October 22, 2006, 04:08:41 AM #1

Re: We would love to help, we are musicians.

Hi, welcome! Feel free to join a team or contribute music to any of the entries. Smiley

It's good exposure as well, e.g.

BreakQuest - Maniacs of Noise or
Jets'n'Guns - Machinae Supremacy

Music helps in shmups, even a little... some work better with ambient music, others require a steady beat. Boss battles need a good tune, definitely!

There's a Best Sound Category in the last competition, so expect the Autofire compo to have the same pattern. Smiley
Read October 23, 2006, 01:33:35 AM #2

Re: We would love to help, we are musicians.

Well I'm wondering if you would be interested in making some NES music for my game. As an Artist you would be given proper credit. I can't offer any pay but if you are interested please PM me! I've put alot of time into the graphics so far and am looking for music quality that will match the gameplay/visual quality.

Aviator sunglasses are pretty much the shmups of the sunglasses world.
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