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Autofire 2007 Shooter Compo Summary 20-12-06: Playable Entries

Ad Nauseam by Cactus

One of the earliest SHMUP-DEV competition entries released in a playable state. Gameplay is far better than what the screenshots may suggest. Definitely worth a try.

Eraser by BrownBot

Sketchfighter 4000 Alpha, eat your heart out. This arena shooter features some dastardly level designs which can be used as cover to get out of tight spots. Four combination of control options are available, although there's no support for analog controllers yet.

Requires the installation of several additional files with links conveniently provided in the game folder. Only fifteen stages are implemented, but more might be designed in the near future.

Blessed by fsFreak

A vertical shooter with two types of shots and a shield button. Includes boss battles and a rage mode which can be activated only when the power gauge is full. Multipliers can be increased by scoring combos for extra points.

360 Shooter and Neon Swarm by Indiepath

A nice arena shooter with auto-aim, though the finite missile option does slow down the action a little as a level may take more than a minute to complete. Dodge enemy ships while launching shots that target the enemy automatically by holding down the left mouse button. Simple gameplay but adequate graphics and implemented well enough to offer a challenge, especially in later stages when the entire area is packed with swarms of nasties.

Indiepath also submitted Neon Swarm, written in BlitzMax. The download link no longer works though.

Riders of the Storm by the2bears

A playable built is available. Some original gameplay elements which include damage caused by fire and fluid dynamics. Nothing like it in the competition.

REPULSOR by mocker

An entry originally developed for the 72 Hour Game Development Competition. An updated version was promised, though nothing has been posted yet.

Caustic Align by grindFish

More of a tech demo than anything else...

Project Ace by Corvinex

No planes to fly in this one. Plays more like a platformer...
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