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Autofire 2007 Shooter Compo Summary 20-12-06: WIPs

Force Majeure by junkboy

Work on other entries halted for two days, with the sexy poster partly to blame. Hopefully the love story hinted by the developer includes steamy cutscenes as well.

Discord by Mogster

Battle Zero by jony

A Google video preview is available.

Marvellous Twilight by Adigun A. Polack/relsoft

As announced by the developer of Dragon Dancer, well not really. More like trumpeted it's arrival with a full marching band and streams of confettis, which is always a sight to behold. Plenty of activity and screenshots posted regularly in it's own forum thread. A demo is available here.

Magical Crossover Crisis by Art_Sempai/relsoft

Art_Sempai contributed art for Vezgard, an entry which placed fifth in the first Horizontal Shooter with Boss Competition.

Danmaku Retro by Ablach Blackrat

The premise of this 8-bit bullet hell shooter is a series of stages consisting of 10 levels each. In each level you'll meet a different ship with different attack patterns. The first ten levels will be static ships with basic non-changing patterns but after that the ships will move, change patterns and use other weapons. At the end of each stage (10th level) the player will meet a Boss. Beat the Boss to gain a power-up for the weapons. But it isn't simply about beating the enemy; it's to beat the enemy in a set time. You can still beat the enemy after time has run out, but there will be no time bonus and no power-up on a Boss level.

Ablach Blackrat was also the winner of the Dragon SHMUP competition with his entry, Sovereign's Slave.

Rapid Commander by isshiki

No screenshots yet, though his record speaks for itself.

Tunnel Vision by Foppy

A vertical shooter written in Blitz Basic.

UFO Shoot-Em-Up by UFO

Several screenshots posted.

Lightning Sol by BlackSp1der

Some screenshots and a tech demo posted.

Axiom Derivative by Dookie

Participated in the first Horizontal Shooter Competition with his entry, Critical Blast 2 which finished a respectable 8th placing.

Alpha One by Zaelsius

A horizontal shooter for both Windows and Mac.

Epileptica Forte by 9_6

A cute horizontal shooter featuring a pink dragon.

Dream of Shooting by chris_b

A vertical-scrolling bullet hell shooter with mouse controls. Riesling was his previous work.

Waverider by pixelizr

An abstract arena shooter which presumably will provide plenty of bullet-dodging action based on his previous works. pixelizr participated in the first Horizontal Shooter Competition with the brilliant Cyberspace Assault, but dropped out of the second competition due to technical problems.

Hailstorm by sharpobject

Zarixor by Myran

Several screenshots and a tech demo were posted.

Sycorax by SuperScones

Tyrian and Flying Tigers stated as inspirations.

Automatic Dreams by LamptonWorm

A vertical shooter made using Game Maker.

Airhead by RotateMe

A vertical shooter written using BlitzMax.

Fireball by lowpoly

One screenshot posted.

Carrier by Gilzu

A shooter in which the player pilots a large ship with very interesting results. No screenshots yet, but expect to handle a number of offensive weapons such as turrets, missile launchers, drones and fighters.

Skies of WW1 by Mauritz

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